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Baby Byers

Surprise!!!! Kent Byers and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting our first BABY in February!!!!

We feel very blessed and appreciate your support! We can't wait to meet Baby B!!!


Kent and I have been talking about babies for two or three years. He said he would leave it up to me because of everything going on with fitness. Well, I decided we were ready.

The day I stepped on stage at the Arnold Classic for my last bikini competition in March, I quit taking my pill. It took 10 weeks!







We feel very blessed because I have friends who have tried to get pregnant for years. We are just praying the baby is healthy and Kent is convinced it's a GIRL.  We'll be happy with either, of course.

I have been sick the first trimester, so I'm looking forward to wrapping it up shortly. Morning sickness, evening sickness- you name it. Thank goodness for anti-nausea pills from my doctor.

I've been working out 3-4 days a week. Yep, throw up in the morning and hitting the gym at night. Haha. Making it work. I nap when I need it and definitely not missing any rest.

The first week morning sickness hit, I could only stomach soup and crackers....but now I'm back to my clean meals. My portions are slightly smaller and I've added in some fruit and milk.

I am documenting my pregnancy, but I know everyone experiences something totally different. I just want to keep my body as healthy as possible for growing this little one. Kent has been the best hubby ever and helps me out so much. Lots of movie nights.

I'm not worried about putting on some pounds- I've lost 50 before so I can handle this.

Also, I have had cravings, but I was ready for that being a competitor in the past. I aim at a cheat meal or two each week. Moderation is key. Thank you all for your support and I'm looking forward to lots of fun pregnancy projects coming up.


Vacation and sticking to your goals

Great question on Facebook:
"I'm going on vacation for 10 days to Hawaii, but I'm worried about not being able to stick with my clean eating. How am I supposed to handle a round trip 10 hour plane ride and 10 days in Hawaii without having more bad days than good days? I feel like most meals will be eaten out, and I was hoping you had a plan or system to help stick to my eating plan. Do you have suggestions for people taking vacations like this?"


My answer:
Did you know you can carry any food on the plane in a small cooler as long as they are whole foods? (no liquid, peanut butter, condiments, etc.). That being said, my hubby and I usually bake some lean turkey or beef patties because we can eat them easily on the plane. Chicken even works.  Rice cakes are easy carbs to take too. Once you get passed TSA, buy some little snacks like greek yogurt, raw almonds, water......even fill a plastic container with ice to keep your food cold.

You can freeze your food the night before and that helps too. You'll be fine. While you're on vacay, just stick to eating every 3 hours. Choose a lean protein and complex carb at each meal - veggies when possible. We have gotten leaner on cruises before because we can eat that often.

**You can also check a cooler as luggage and pack your condiments, food, etc. We use gel ice packs when we do that for longer trips. Just use a luggage strap for the cooler in case it gets thrown around during travel.  You don't want that food falling out.

Just stay active, HYDRATED and eat frequently and you'll be fine. You can always pack Lean Body for Her shakes and put a few things in your luggage for later. Enjoy your trip!

Stay positive - overcome negativity - build your support system

When dealing with negativity....keep your head up. YOU control who you hang out with. If there are people who discourage you from your goals, distance yourself.

In the case of it being family, hold your head high and stand up for what you believe in. Your family will support you if your goal is geared towards bettering yourself and your heart is in the right place.

There are SO many wonderful people who will support you in life, sometimes it's just a matter of finding them. When you say goodbye to negativity, it only makes room for positive people. One door closes, a new one opens. I have watched this happen in my life again and again.

As far as my experience, it took me being recognized in an international magazine for certain people to have that "ah-hah" moment and finally "get it." They finally understood that my goals were not about vanity or being "obsessed with my body," but about reaching others. Did their disapproval stop me? NO.

They never saw the countless hours I spent behind the scenes, answering emails and messages from perfect strangers. God saw. He put the calling there. I don't ever question that.

Negative words can take the wind out of your sails, especially coming from someone you love. My suggestion is to hear them out and determine where their thoughts come from.

Is it a place of love and concern? Or a place of jealous and envy? Jealousy is a poison.

When you see that someone is succeeding in life, BE HAPPY for them. Whether they share your goal or not. You probably have no idea what it took for that person to achieve that celebrate with them.  Our journeys are all different.

You do NOT have to follow someone else's plan for your life.
You get one shot. Make it GREAT. BE GREAT.

Cheat day?

How many of you say "It's my cheat DAY" and eat anything and everything you want that day? Are you getting the results you want in the gym? If not, you might want to rethink that entire cheat day.

My hubby and I used to be very guilty of that. We would eat sooo good and workout hard all week, just to go crazy on the weekend!

We would go to Sonic and get cheeseburgers, ice cream drinks and t...ater tots with cheese. That meal was usually followed by a Digiorno pizza with avocado at dinner time. We might even go have mexican food with drinks. We would stuff ourselves because "oh my gosh, it's my cheat day!! I have to get it all in."

Once we cut that back to one cheat meal a week and started eating measured portions during the week (every 3 hours, 5-7 meals a day), we started seeing BIG changes!

Each meal consists of a lean protein, complex carb and a veggie with healthy fats in moderation.

Just thought I would share that in case some of you have experienced this same situation and are not getting the results you are after.

12 weeks out from.....nothing.

It's been nice having some time off from competing. I've probably gotten the question, "When's your next show," a hundred times since I last took the stage in March at the Arnold Classic. The truth is, I have no plans to compete again. I know to never say "never".....but honestly, I feel so much healthier not competing.


Well, my competition plan cuts out dairy, fruit, going out to eat, a...lcohol, wheat, cheat meals, plus more. Not that I make it a habit of eating bad meals or drinking alcohol....but it's nice to know I can have something in moderation and not feel like I've "blown it."

I actually have not even been back to my nutritionist since my show (sorry Kimmy, I'm coming soon). I just needed a break from CARING what my body fat percentage is every two weeks. I re-introduced some dairy- like greek yogurt and coffee creamer.

I feel wonderful knowing I can just get back to biz and focus on training with NO DEADLINE. I know several people training to compete for the first time and I think that's great! But after doing six shows, I think my body just needed a breather from the cardio and staying as lean as I was. It's been awesome having shoots ahead to keep me focused, yet not having the stress of training for a show.

With working full time, grad school and fitness, competing added a LOT of stress to my life. I remember taking an online accounting test on the day of my last show! Good gracious, I felt like a chicken with my head cut off.

I love knowing that if I have an exhausting day at work and school that I can go to sleep early with no guilt from missing a workout. It's been a great balance for me and has been nice for Kent and I. When I am in competition mode, he's there too training right along with me.

As for me, I just want to keep training and improving my body to be HEALTHY and FIT. That was the goal in the beginning and is still the goal now. I may get a wild hair to get back on stage one day, but for now, I just prefer to cheer on my friends that are doing it!

I believe I can be a fit role model with or without competing on stage! Thanks for following my journey!!



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