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Competition Bikinis

I've been asked many times where I buy my competitions suits!  Here are a few of my favorite sites!

 Thought it might come in helpful.


Crystallini Bikini


Ravish Sands


Suits You Swimwear




Sweet Revenge Bikini


Water Babies


Your Thoughts are Powerful

Try being your own cheerleader. Let's face it, there isn't always someone there encouraging you to meet your goals. If you overcome an obstacle, pat yourself on the back. Reward yourself with something other than food. For example, a new outfit, go out to a movie, go on a trip, etc.

I've literally told myself out loud, "You did good." Get in the habit of being the positive voice in your life. If something gets you down, just sit back and think about something great you have accomplished, even if it's not fitness related. For example, your family, your spouse, you have a roof over your head, great job, think of something and be thankful.

You have got to find a way to pull yourself out of a low point- other than turning to food for a stress relief. Get in the gym, lift weights, take a yoga class, do some cardio- get rid of stress and negativity that way.

Your thoughts are powerful and control everything you do. Tell yourself you can follow through and you WILL!

Realistic Expectations

I wish I could say I walk around every day with these abs!

The TRUTH is, those abs were a result of eating clean for three straight months, one hour of cardio every morning and weights 5 days a week. These two photos were taken at my shoot with BryanAndersonPhotography two days before I stepped on stage for competition last March for the Ronnie Coleman Classic.

The photo on the left was taken ... with my iPhone in normal lighting. Then BAM, we flipped the gym lights off, Bryan used his *MAGIC* lighting- and we got this shot on the right!

I also limit my sodium intake a couple of days before a shoot. It's amazing what clean eating, an ab workout, low sodium and a GREAT photographer can do! :) 30 minutes later, I started rehyrdrating!

By the way, I only worked my abs twice a week for my show. It's 80% nutrition!

For this shoot I was 10% body fat, which is NOT healthy for me to maintain year round. I normally like to maintain 15% to 17% year round. Hope this helps!
Eat clean & follow your dreams!
Kelsey Byers


One day at a time

During the challenge, just remember not to overwhelm yourself with long term goals.  If you find yourself feeling defeated, concentrate on one day at a time...or maybe give yourself a weekly goal.  For example, "I'm going to focus on drinking a gallon of water every day this week."  You could start my drinking half the gallon by lunch and the other half before you leave work that afternoon.

The following week you'll probably find that drinking your gallon comes easier, so you can focus on a new small goal, like eating every three hours.  When I first started increasing my meal frequency, it seemed like a lot of food.

I set a time on my cell phone to go off every three hours as a reminder.  Once my body got used to the meal freqency, I didn't need a timer because my stomach would let me know it was time to eat.

Small accomplishments lead to BIG changes!  You CAN do this!

Eat clean & follow your dreams!

Kelsey Byers


Training for the Arnold Classic Bikini Amateur

Here I am, 14 days until I compete at the Arnold Classic Bikini Amateur.

The last 10 weeks haven’t exactly been easy, but they have been worth it!  I work full time and go to graduate school.  I will earn my MBA in December, so it’s important that I give my last few classes my ALL!  I’ve had to manage my time very wisely the last few months, but I think each show-prep teaches me something new.  That’s the beauty of it!  To challenge yourself and see what you’re made of!


As far as food goes, I’ve actually been eating more carbs this prep than I usually do on my maintenance meal plan- and I’m down to about 12% body fat.  This means I will probably revisit my maintenance meal plan with my nutritionist after my show.  I’m really interested to see what I can do muscle-wise if I increase my carb intake even more.  I am fascinated with nutrition!


As far as training goes, I added in heavy weighted squats this prep.  I can see a difference in my glutes already after just 10 weeks, so I’m eager to see my progress in a few more months.

I am very honored to represent Labrada Nutrition as a Team Labrada athlete!  A big *thank you* to the Institute of Eating Management for guiding me on my nutrition plan.



On a super positive note, I’ll be shooting some workout footage with Fitness Rx Magazine this weekend!  I am very honored to be working with them and it’s been one of my goals for quite a while!  I can’t wait to see the finished product.


I will be updating everyone on my journey to the Arnold Classic on my public Facebook fitness page, so be sure and “LIKE” the page.

Thank you for following my journey!  Eat clean and follow your dreams!

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